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About my debut novel ” I AM DEAD BUT MY HEART BEATS


How a love story once hated saved 6 lives in a COMMUNAL RIOT?

Should community, language or tradition be the obstructions for true love from blossoming?

How cruel can a married girl’s destiny be to throw her into prostitution?

Have you ever attended an uninvited marriage reception with your beloved and got caught by the hosts?

Why a boy decides to spend his entire life in a mental asylum?

Why a girl at midnight runs away from her family?

How worse it can be if you are caught by your girlfriend’s parents while kissing her?

I AM DEAD BUT MY HEART BEATS is a fascinating saga of love, education, community, hatred, sacrifices and hope. It’s about four youngsters from different communities speaking different languages – Aryan, Anshika, Zahid and Swati. Get ready for a heart-breaking journey of a complete real life story.


Comments received so far ……

“A fabulous heart touching novel by Priyank as a tribute to his beloved, raising voice against social thoughts on love. A must read for all audiences” – Ira Trivedi (Author of Penguin India Best sellers‘What Would You Do To Save the World’, ‘The Great Indian Love Story’ and ‘There is No Love on Wall Street’).

“A fascinating novel with an air of freshness throughout,  depicts the reality of society against inter-community love in the backdrop of a riot & other man-made disasters” – The Pioneer

“Can’t be a better way to fulfil his beloved’s dream, a revolutionary novel, very pure and touching tale of Aryan and Anshika raise our hands to salute them” – Hindustan Times

“A genuine and touching story of love, communalism and education, raising some serious questions on society’s thoughts  and trying to find out their answers too” – Vinit K. Bansal (Author of best-seller ‘I am Heartless’ & ‘Uff ye Emotions’)

“A story showing the purity of love, a charming tale of two protagonists from different communities, recommended for all readers” – Abhishek Agrawal (Author of the best seller ‘Sorry for loving you’)



My debut novel “I Am Dead but My Heart Beats” is getting excellent reviews and 5 stars…. PLEASE , grab a copy of my novel soon… Its available online at HOMESHOP18, INFIBEAM, BOOKADDA, UREAD, SNAPDEAL…… Coming soon at FLIPKART, AMAZON…. … Continue reading

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The official cover of my upcoming debut novel ” I AM DEAD BUT MY HEART BEATS”

The official cover of my upcoming debut novel ” I AM DEAD BUT MY HEART BEATS”

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” Valentines day ” part 1- extract from my upcoming novel in summer 2k14

The restaurant had its structure like a labyrinth with dark table clothes visible around the perimeter and velvet chairs added more shine to the already glowing up surroundings. I saw her face. Wow, under the dim red and yellow light … Continue reading

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Come down to me, come back for me, o my beloved…….

O my beloved, it’s been long since you left
But still I am all yours and you are mine 
You went away to the heavenly paradise, for the sake of our love to survive,
But still I see your lovely smile 
Still I hear your soft voice resonating with conviction
Still I feel the wetness of your last kiss, Still I feel the warmth of your last hug 
Still I see you, still I love you
Come down to me, come back for me.

You are the voice of my heart, You are the sleepiness of my lashes
You are the magic behind my happiness
You are the fragrance of my life
O my celestial girl, O my beloved princess, why have you gone so far away….
You are the essence of my soul
You are the flower of my embrace, you are the jingles of my happy steps
It’s enough of love you have given to the almighty,
o my darling, please come down to me, please come back for me 

my heart awaits for the gust of your love
waiting to see you coming back in the palanquin of stars, dropping down from the heaven
come down, hold me, blow back the lost breath of my life
seize me in your arms, make my lips feel the moistness of your kiss,
make my heart to tremble with the softness of your arms,
make me paralyzed with the warmth of your breath caressing it against my bare skin
lets brighten up the lamp of our love yet again, which is burning low since you departed
don’t let the heart weep and eyes to well up more as my heart wants to worship you again
it’s tough to show the fake happiness wrapped in the sheet of despair
o my beloved, o my princess, its been too long since you went away

come down to me, come back for me……


The magic of her first sight – Excerpt from my upcoming NOVEL in March/April 2014

She started to adjust her hairs which got partially dishevelled after the mad smile. And each time when her fingers brushed through the hairs, she looked terribly glamorous. A natural glamour, a gleam was radiating out of her sparkling face. I kept looking at her, everytime when our eyes met she used to smile back. I wanted to tell her that

Sweetheart, Your first sight made me understand  that love is just another form of madness

There’s nowhere to go now Because I have seen my world in you

And it’s there in your embrace, where I want to breathe till I die……

In your eyes I have seen the dream of mine , only after I felt the mixing of your breath with mine

And then I felt like living my life again Because now there’s nothing left to me

My heart which now houses the melody of yours Has become all yours

My life, my breath, my pulse , Everything is now yours

I have nowhere to go now, Because I have seen my world in you

And it’s there in your embrace, where  I want to breathe till I die……..

And it’s only because there’s no greater oath than love…..

She took exactly 18000 seconds to prepare her hairs. What all I was doing? A pretty girl had made me to sit like a silent observer observing her daily stuff, and everything was typical girlish. Her words were like pearls. Whenever I used to think of her I always found her around me. She came to me and holding my hands used to lean over me. I used to hold her from my back and bring her on my lap. Her hands came onto my shoulders. We looked into each other’s eyes and were lost in the unending terrain of love and romance. Her breath made me feel as if she is actually around me. I wasn’t able to differentiate on whether I am living in my present or in my past. She was still breathing in this world for me, somewhere. I always felt that I will have her back someday. And with folded hands I start saying to the almighty

I broke all strictures of the world in love , I left the world behind in love

I came to you with my love , You blessed our soul with your love

But then what turn you brought in my story

In a second you took away my love , You and the society became the same

I was trapped in the customs of the world , Yet you didn’t saw my tears

Still you ask for what complain or glum I have

How can I say how cruel your devotees were?

I am just left destined to weep , I don’t know who is a stranger and who is mine

But then what turn you brought in my story.


FOR YOUR WISH…… my beloved – extract from my upcoming novel in the first quarter 2014

For your wish, I live my life with a fake smile

For your wish, I live my life drinking all my tears

For your wish, I live my life swallowing every pain

For your wish, I live my life tolerating every wound

But still I never complain

And it’s just because you wanted to see me happy…..

I would have given up my life

The moment you went away from me

It’s tough to breathe, it’s tough to stand

It’s impossible to join the shattered heart

It’s just impossible to live my life without you

But still I breathe, still I stand, still I am moving with my life

And it’s just because this is what you wished………..

Years may pass, centuries may disappear

But the lamp of love would always burn in our heart

Life has left for me a chronicle of our love

With unforgettable memories present in every page

When I turn a page and think what I desired, but in turn what I got

Blood spills out of my veins, they took you away from me

Leaving behind the sea of tears, pain and sadness for me

My legs are crushed but still I swim in that sea

I fight with the loneliness, only for you

For your wish, I live my life bearing every split of my heart

For your wish, I live my life hiding every open scar on my heart

For your wish, I live my life withstanding the separation of our soul

For your wish, I live my life shedding every drop of my tear

But still I never complain

And it’s just because you always wanted to see me happy……..


FIRST DATE WITH MY BELOVED with a kiss in train – an excerpt

It was 12th of December, my first date with her, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We had already sorted out the final plans for Sunday on Saturday night. We both were very much delighted and excited, waiting for the magical moment which we were going to spend together after 12 hours.

For this occasion, something which was happening for the first time in my life I wore a decent shirt, jeans and a jacket. I reached ‘The Spencer’s’ at 12:50. I went inside adjusting my hairs and amidst the entire Sunday crowd, I was successful to spot her sitting in a corner under a dim light. She was easily visible because amongst the entire population sitting there, She was the most gorgeous one. Her sparkling face in the cool, partially lit up food paradise with the instrumental version of some old Hindi songs going on in the background made it a perfect date. I reached the table and took my place. We both shook hands and wow, her touch was electrifying. Her soft, flawless skin gave me the feel of a lightening striking me and crawling inside my body. She was looking so pretty even after a tiring 3 hour mock test added to the travelling she did since morning. She was really a gem, sweetness and charm filled every cell of her skin. The moment she stretched her hands for the shake I felt kissing them but I had to control. Public place after all and moreover it’s India.

‘Hi,’ she said.

I was silent. Actually I was lost in her face. And the incoming fantasies weren’t easy for me to neglect. Her pink lips, her perfectly manufactured cheeks, round dark eyes which appeared a bit bigger without the mascara took me to heavenly thoughts. She was wearing a light pink top with jeans and a white pullover. With the white pullover on, she was looking more and more cute. Just like a Barbie doll. My mind went over those Orkut photographs of her in which she wore a pullover and I bet girls look the best in winters. And so was She, extraordinary, out of the world. I wanted to kiss her milky white-reddish cheeks but …….

The feel was something as if in a gentle breeze I was running behind her, chasing her lively blowing hairs and then getting her in my arms and lying down on the beach under the sun, loving each other. She was just stunning. Such thoughts gave me crystal clear confirmation that my love and predilection has reached heights. No more doubts, no more confusions. It was love, love at first, second and third sight now. I was fully enraptured by her hot, astonishing look.

She waved her hands in front of my eyes. Seeing her gesture, people around us stared with the only thought coming to them must be – what meritorious job I did to get the esteemed company of such an angel. I regained my lost senses. I made myself calm and composed, settled down my nerves and said ‘Hi, how was your mock test?’ I am sure she wasn’t expecting this question from me especially after I came out of her dreams. But it was a good change. However, the ‘hi’ from my side came out after 55 seconds, precisely.

‘It was good-average type. Physics wasn’t that good. Biology and Chemistry were nice. And were you lost in me or somewhere else? ,’ she said.

‘Of course in you,’ I said.

Hearing my response she smiled and her killing smile made me feel very much satisfied from within. ‘Aaaaah!!!! Really that killing smile murders me.’ She was blessed with a lovely smile.

‘What would you like to have in your lunch? ,’ I asked as the waiter served us with some marinated onions and salt plus pepper on an empty white plate.

‘Anything, whatever you like. But I want something light,’ she said.

‘Fried rice and chicken curry, with something sweet? Is that alright? ,’ I said.

‘No, No. Nothing like that. Just some starter’s kind of dish or some south-Indian dish. Rice plus chicken and all that stuff would be too heavy for me. But you can have your chicken, I remember it’s your favourite,’ she said. In the meantime the waiter left, leaving us alone to discuss our past chats on likes and dislikes.

‘Naah!! Then I am also going to take something light. But some starters kind of or south-Indian? Final say would be yours? ,’ I said.

‘For me, a simple butter masala dosa. And for you, fried rice and chicken curry. That’s full and final,’ she said and smiled. ‘Aaah!!! That kills me again and again.’

‘Very funny. No chicken. Waiter?’ I said loudly.

After 3 shouts, arrives a waiter. ‘2 butter stuffed masala dosa please,’ I placed the order.

‘So, how’s Kharagpur? I mean which type of place and the weather? I haven’t been there,’ I asked.

‘Average, so-so type. The only attraction is IIT and the Railway station. Weather is fine. Cold in winters and hot in summers, sometimes its infact too hot,’ she responded while playing with the little onions.

 ‘Want to have something hot? A coffee or tea?’ I asked her.

‘No, No, leave. Thanks,’ she said humbly.

‘Don’t be formal now. Say whatever you would favour out of the two? ,’ I asked.

‘Ok. But this time it’s your choice. For lunch you did sacrifice your fried rice and chicken curry, so now you say whatever you love more? ,’ she said. Her hands moved an inch closer to mine on the table.

‘Then, I am going to place an order for two Mountain dew or Pepsi or coke or slice, as you suggest? ,’ I said.

‘Eeeehhhhh!!! Cold drinks at this time of the year. Duffer, what’s my future going to be with you? How could you have something so chilling to drink in this already 10 degree temperature? ,’ she said giving me a very ugly facial expression and tapped my hand. I loved that.

‘Now, don’t make faces like that. Spoiling the beauty unnecessary. You only told me that you would follow my way, and I love cold drinks more than coffee. Tea, I never ever drink. By the way that evening you had chilled M-drink and it was colder than today’s weather, I remember,’ I said.

‘Still, my cutie I, cold drinks now? That evening was a romantic one because of the hot, nude wallpapers of porn stars in your room. And you had told me that since childhood you have the problem of tonsils getting affected if you have anything cold either in excess or in winters. So, in the absence of your mom, you are getting careless. I won’t let that happen. Understood,’ she said with the accent of a caring, loving typical Indian mother.

‘Ok mom. But not only porn stars wallpapers, it was you who turned more romantic. The kiss, remember,’ I said.

We both broke into laughter. The nearby sitting people had all their eyes on us, hearing our loud laugh. In the meantime, our masala dosa arrived. And I placed an order for a coffee and a Pepsi.

‘Wait, Wait. I too want a Pepsi ,’ she said hastily.

‘You want a cold Pepsi or a hot one? ,’ I asked.

‘Eeeehhhh!!! You idiot. Now don’t make fun of me. I am supporting you in your cold drink campaign that too in this adverse condition and you are making my fun. Of course, colder Pepsi my funny boy,’ she said. Making some fun of her made the moment quite exhilarating as every time she used to return me with some different expressions created using her tongue, eyes, lips and fingers involved. Fingers were used just to poke on my hand.

‘Oho, now I got, I got my answer. I understand why did you order for a Pepsi? ,’ I said and pumped my fist in air.

‘So much delighted. May I know the reason? Could you please unleash the cause of being suddenly so energetic? ,’ she asked.

‘Actually, today is an historical day in your life. You are on a tedious, full of barriers, and a hurricane task of impressing a boy. So, by consuming a bottle of Pepsi in this condition you will try to show that you have a tiger’s heart, sorry a tigress one I suppose. You are feeling cold but still a Pepsi that too an icy one, I am impressed by your techniques and tricks of impressing me. I hope you succeed in your attempt. My best wishes are with you,’ I said with pride, straightening the collar of my jacket which however got lowered again.

‘Oh my god. How much insanity you possess? I am impressed by your ability of trying to produce answers of your own. But I am very sorry to state that mister your sincere effort goes in vain. Your logics are just, what to say F-C-U-K ,’ she said and moved her hands on mine. The touch was impeccable. I felt as if we are already a single soul merged together and only exist as two different bodies physically. We both smiled looking at each other. Her touch was torturing me, I was dying hard to love her but the time and the required location was missing that moment. Over the next 10 minutes, we finished off our dosa and Pepsi. It was going to be about 1:50 pm.

‘I must leave for station now, I. It’s just an hour left sharply for my train,’ she admitted.

In next 5 minutes we were sitting in an auto, very much close for the second time after the kiss in the park eight days back. I held her hands in mine. Countless number of times we exchanged ‘I love you.’ Our eyes were engaged in seeing each other. I found her eyes turning moist.

‘Hey what happened dear? You are crying? What happen? ,’ I said lifting her chin up and wiping away her tears.

‘Nothing. It’s the tears of satisfaction, satisfaction of getting a lover in my life which I always dreamt of, someone with whom I could spend my entire life with love at its fullest. I love you. Please never leave me alone. I am very happy today,’ she said getting back to her normal channel.

‘I am always going to be with you, it’s a promise and I meant it forever. I love you too sweetheart,’ I said.

I put my hands across her shoulders and we both were smiling yet again. We were lost in each other’s arms. The fellow passengers in the auto looked at us and perhaps were gossiping something non sense about us. But this is the sick thinking of Indian people which we lovers need to quell every time they stare at us. We reached New Delhi railway station at 2:40 pm. We had around 20 gifted minutes more to spend together. Walking together, holding her hands we left for platform number 4 on which her train for Faridabad was going to arrive.

‘I love you too cheeeewt boy,’ she replied and continued looking into my eyes.

‘Hmm. You know sweetheart, trains, railway stations, these all have always made me enamoured from within. My heart starts brimming up with joy whenever you talk of a train ride. Such a romantic means of transport,’ I encored my love for trains.

‘What??? You are so much encased in the love for trains. I strictly never enjoy a train ride. It’s such a chaotic place. So much noise, I feel at times that such high decibel sounds are just, just doing.’ she said and stopped.

‘Doing ‘F’ to you? Don’t forget we met in a train only,’ I said and both of us smiled. But she made a face again this time for the ‘F.’ but this facial expression was better than the ones she made at the Spencers.

‘See, trains integrate our nation. Colourful people travelling together, colourful, cultural and traditional places we travel across, it’s just wow. The train’s whistle, vendors, the variations in sounds, passengers buzzing around, all these add so much , I mean a perfect blend of .’ This time she stopped me in the mid and said ‘Perfect blend of ‘F’ @ 24*7.’

‘Oh! You and your alphabet. Leave it. You are yet to discover the fun of trains. You would be loving trains from now onwards. I would make you so much train freaky that would make you a blind lover for trains,’ I said.

‘Oho. I too hope that you achieve your goal,’ she said and made a face again. This time eyeballs were moved up and a quarter of her tongue came out and was pointing towards me.

‘Is it mandatory for you to make faces every time I say anything? Unnecessary you spoil your sweetness. Your habitat was some forest in your previous birth I guess. Is it? ,’ I said giving a gentle push to her head.

The announcement of her train arriving shortly instinctively distracted us from our happily churning gossip.

Few minutes later her train arrived. We hugged each other lightly, can’t do that freely amongst Indian public. Try doing that once and then check the next day’s newspapers. The hugging picture of you and your lover would be amongst the headlines of the national and local daily. This is the awareness and power of Indian people and the media.

We went inside the compartment, managed an aisle seat for her in the tremendous rush, settled her with the bag she carried and looked into her eyes giving her an assurance of being with her always, any moment she need me. I kissed on her forehead and she kissed on my hands. Of course the kiss which lasted for not more than 5 seconds caught the attention of the fellow passengers around us. I have been mentioning that it’s India. Here majority of the people on seeing a boyfriend holding the hands of his girlfriend tries their best to make it high handed news. They leave all their work and start to gossip spicy things about what the guy and his girlfriend must be attempting to do. However, people of India and our society should be treated as the no bothering category especially if you are with your girlfriend. I went outside her compartment and stood at the window until the train left. 


” Till My last Breath ” – extract from my upcoming debut novel in summer 2014


I was living from you, I was dying for you  

Few words I have to say you 

You are the only one whom I loved             

You are the only one whom I still love         

You are the only one whom I will always love         

Till my last breath…………..            

I still live in the dreams of your eyes

I still live in the softness of your arms

I still live in the warmth of your breath

I still live submerged in the sweetness of your heart

And I will keep living in you; I will keep living from you

Till my last breath…………..

I won’t let your hands slip away from mine

I won’t let your shadows to go away from mine

I won’t let your breath to escape away from mine

I won’t let your soul to separate away from mine

Till my last breath………..

Your dancing freely in the moon light, your singing freely with the rising sun

Your pricklings on my arm, your smile after the pokes

The nostalgic, childish and innocent fun of your eyes

Your hugs under the tree, your kisses in the rain

I can’t ever forget

Till my last breath……..





The chocolaty girl

“You may not love me like I love you, you may not care for me like I care for you But if you ever genuinely need me, I will always be around for you……. And this is a promise made from the heart………..”

Drizzling rainfall in the month of September, gentle breeze blowing around, cold water drops falling on the skin and watching my princess in her short skirt and perfectly shaped top, all these were more than enough to enrapt me to take my beloved cute princess in my arms and implant the best kiss on her chocolaty lips. The season was all turned into a romantic period and standing a metre apart from her under the feeble moonlight was making it tough for me to withstand the separation. She was looking absolutely pristine in her top which was shaped well showing up her sensuality. The short skirt which ended well above her thighs made her look damn hot as her smooth, white legs in the rain continuously perturbed my romantic hormones to circulate rapidly.

Seeing her smile with the lips broadened to perfection is the best sight I wish to have to turn on my romantic cells in seconds. When she smiles, her lips take an exact curvilinear, rising and bending shape. From the left end of her lips, the chocolaty skin of her lips stretch out, gently rising up to the middle of the lips and then gingerly lowers down beautifully till the right. The broadening of her wet, soft lips when she smiles draws me close to her. The moment she turns away her face being shy as she notices my eyes gazing at her lips and eyes is the best moment my heart captures in those hours of being with my princess. The turning away of her eyes, smiling in her own world, the gentle tap of her hands to turn my face away, all these delights me terribly and I badly feel that moment to hold her in my arms forever.


It’s tough to be away from her, it’s tough to hear “NO” to my love from her but every time she remembers me, I see a ray of hope of seeing a day when I will get her. The light gloss she applies to her lips makes it highly adorable. The kajal stripped eyes of my princess and her soft skinned cheeks which badly attract my lips to make it wet with the shower of kisses looks heavily dipped in sweetness every time she smiles. Her arms and shoulder has always been a place where resting my head in peace is the dream I see. Under the dim moon light her gentle, soft legs looked extremely nubile. I wanted to lift her up that moment to feel the hotness of her curvaceous figure. The sensuality she possesses gets scaled up every time she smiles in happiness.

The feel of being enormously possessive for my cute angel and seeing her blessed with serenity in life, lofted visions of taking her to the zenith of absolute love and satisfaction are the reasons why I cherish to have her in my life. I don’t know when she will understand this divine love of mine, but I just wish the day she realises it isn’t too late. Every time I am close to her, I have felt her breath, warm enough to melt down the climbing level of monotonicity in my life. If I had to choose whether to breathe or to love her, I would use my last breath to tell her how much I love her. It’s a real magic I feel each time she gives me her hand to hold, it’s unbearable level of satisfaction when I hold and press her hands feeling it to be mine forever.


Every time we cuddle partially I feel goosebumps all over again. I never want to let her go away from me because of the for fear of losing the strength, the smile she reinforced back in me. I just want to hold on her a little bit tighter with each passing day, refusing to let my heart feel the pain of her absence. She doesn’t know the warmth I feel inside me when I’m with her. She doesn’t know that my meeting with her was fate, becoming her friend was a choice of destiny, but falling in love with her was beyond my control and a desire of heaven. Romance and love from the core of my heart for her is created by the feeling that I genuinely care about her till the world is living. Every moment when I get a chance to bring my arms around her shoulders, to put my hands around her waist I feel like there’s something to happen but then she smiles again with the tingle of my fingers and her angelic smile rises up the hope of getting a day when I will love her to the fullest.

Finally, the desire is to get dissolved in her smile forever, the wish is to submerge myself in her eyes, the satisfaction will be full only when she will embrace me and I will get the freedom to be in her arms forever. It may seem to you that we fight a lot and cry way too much in remembering each other, so when you go to sleep at night I’ll always want to slip in by your side and love you for eternity. I want to hold you close and see your chocolaty lips smiling and this time the smile must be in happiness of having someone who loves you amazingly from heart. You’re the one that I will always want to love and it’s for you it’s pretty clear to see but still you are constrained in your own old wisdom and thoughts. With every day I know I’m blessed that you’re a part of me and now I just want to slow it down and savor all that’s past, moulding our future and moving ahead in life. 



Steal me away from myself, O my princess

Hide me away from myself, O my princess

I want to be lost in your heart

I want to get drowned in your eyes

Why don’t you hear me, O my princess…….

Come to me, embrace me and fill my emptiness with your fragrance

I want to stagger around, dance around, holding your hands

Why don’t you feel this air intoxicated with love, O my princess……

Let every breath of mine sinks into yours, break all the bonds holding my back

We must move near, I and you, you and I

Love is lit in you, and it’s lit in me

Who knows what will happen tomorrow, Do everything today, O my princess…….

Each of my insistence is limited to just you,

All my childish behaviour, all my naughty acts,

Even my mad eyes searches for you, everything is limited just for you, O my princess……..

My frail heart beats only for you, my wild brain thinks only of you

This energetic youth of mine is only blooming for you

My reason to smile, my reason to live, My reason to breathe, my reason to fly, is only for you

My story starts from you, my story ends at you, come to me, O my princess……


LOVE – a way to see the divine

Love – it’s a feeling, it’s an emotion, it’s something which comes from the divine, and everybody wants to get it in its true form. Love is above everything and if you are lucky enough to get true love in your life then I will say that you are actually living your life, you are a god’s chosen child and so is your love. Because true love is so rare that most of the people don’t get it actually and in many cases the ones when they feel to be having their genuine love ends up to be just a temporary attraction, a misunderstanding, a relation based on compromises or family issues.

Well, I don’t to get into the complications of the mistakes people do in understanding their love or finding their true love. I just know that love is there in the air and we all must feel it. Just listen to the beautiful song of love. Just realise how tough it is to be away from your love, how wonderful it’s to be floating in the dreams of your love. Close your eyes, take the dream ride and you will hear your heart saying the prayer of love.

You will listen to your rapid heartbeats thinking of your lover in your arms and your love will tell you  “I want a moment to live in you, I want a moment to merge in you, I want to live with you, I want to live for you. Whatever days I have in life, Every breath I take, it will be for you, Whatever the way may be, whatever the obstacles may be, I will walk for you, I will come to you…….Come in my embrace and I will move in to you, Our souls will merge and my life will sink in your fragrance, What would I be without you, where shall I go without you, With you I can see this world, with you I can feel this life, I want to live for you, I want to die for you…..


Yes, once you are in love, your breath, your pulses, your heartbeat, your fragrance, you will to live, your desire to die everything will become saturated. You will not be affected by any external factors, be it your own desires, your own aspirations, your own selfishness and it’s just because there’s no bigger oath than true love. Once in love, you can start seeing yourself in the eyes of your love, every sound & every breath of your love will have your presence. Every echo you love will make will originate from you. The distances will shrink, the length of paths will get shortened up and the shortest way to reach to the almighty, to the divine, to the zenith will be to get in the arms of your love, feeling the warmth of the tightened grip of your lover’s arms. All the distances will get vanished and you will be in the closest proximity of heaven. Love is the only medium which will take you to the angels.

The best feeling came to me when I held the hands of my love and told her that “Now, I am exhausted of all the formalities, fun and luxury of life. Now I want to be in peace. Now, I can’t live without you anymore, without you I don’t have my own identity, without you what my life will be, because now you were the one for whom my life is worth living for. Our bond, our relationship is such that we can’t stand even a moment apart from each other now. Every moment, every day, every hour I am living for you, all my time is for you, none of the seconds in my life is complete without you. Every breath of mine has your name, every word of mine has your voice, because it’s just you, my life is for you. You are my peace, you are my pain, you are my smile, you are my tears, now, it’s only you – my love. Your loyalty kept my heart alive, your honesty gave me the strength to survive, I have lived only for you and now I want to give myself to you.”

Oh my love, oh my beloved, I was incomplete without you and so was my story. But now I am complete, you are my love, you are my life, you are my soul and I am in you”. And everything written above when happens in reality, which is very rare then you get to see, feel and understand whats divine. Love is actually a way to see god. It’s a beautiful feeling, a pious relationship. Just search for true love, friends and you will get almighty in it. 


” I and SHE ” – a short excerpt from my upcoming novel

She opened her laptop. An HP Laptop with windows 7 home basic and Intel’s i3 processor with a deep red colour asked for a password. I tried sneaking in to figure out what was she typing. I could only get the alternative alphabets.

‘So, your password contains p,y,n,e and few other English alphabets’ I said. Her large, confident eyes gave me a spy’s look. She batted her eyelids hearing my words.

‘Don’t worry, I won’t reveal.’

‘But there’s isn’t any problem because rare friends best known to you know many of your latent stuff. Password is no big deal…you are a nice zone guy’. Now, that was cool form her.

‘By the way what should I infer from your nice zone guy?’ I quizzed.

She looked at me, lowered down the flap of her laptop and said ‘It infers that you are cool, decent, looks like one who could be good friend with a girl and not to treat her or look at her the way majority of the unknown male population does. I don’t know why I formed such reputation for an unknown, unseen guy but it happened naturally.’ She lifted up her HP laptop and browsed through the files and folders. She had immense trust on me, an unknown friend of her and it developed in just an hour. And the serious emotional words from an unknown female co-passenger, now turned into a formal friend meant a lot. I had already started to feel that I am in love with this girl and a crush was blossoming up in my heart since I saw her for the first time.

‘I bet this unknown belief you have on me won’t become a disillusion.’ ‘Okay, now your family’s snaps.’

Her father looked like an Indian police constable. Bulky stomach out, thick moustache and fat deposited everywhere right from his cheeks to the waist. He looked like a man who in his shirt and pant with a strap that had a cross at the back comes out of the house with a slender stick to make the goats feeding in his garden run away. His face resembled a very lethargic man who even shows high reluctance in picking up a paper on his own. He looked like a man who is obsessed with every household problem. He was a fatso.

The next few clicks were of some birthdays, anniversaries and New Year party. The people and the surroundings in the snaps looked little pretentious. She was a rich girl, I realised.

Her mother looked like a government employee, someone who works in a government bank or a post office. She looked terribly food deprived, as if the mosquitoes of government office had sucked up the entire blood she was born with. She looked like one who has no donated all her flesh to her husband. From her physique it looked as if she has got approximate 500 bones, only bones and bones were visible.

 I looked at her, and just had a thought that how such ultimate thin and fat looking couple could produce such an astonishing beauty, an angelic kid. One of her aunties with abnormally bigger eyes looked terribly scary. She looked like an elderly village woman who has got some fake magical tricks and she uses it with more pronounced effect because of her eyeballs which looked like coming out any moment. 

She showed me another snap of her maternal aunt. She had her hair oiled and neatly tied. She looked like a government school headmistress, another government employee type looks this time. Moreover, she resembled those fat aunties who scream at little kids when they play cricket in front of the neighbour’s compound. Both of them were looking terribly scary. She looked deeply poised with every glum of the world. It was as if she was declared to be the culprit for the raising prices of commodities.


Love is precious…… preserve it, cherish it…..


Nothing was perfect when you came

But now everything seems right because you came

The only fear is how it will be when you go away

The only thing I can pray is that you never go away…..

Knowingly-unknowingly you were the one who held my hand

As you turned out to be the one who comforted me through the storms

with time you became the sunshine, the wind and the rain for me

And as it all happened I fell in love with you…….


You wiped away all the sadness and pain with your smile

You wiped away all the tears with your presence 

You brought back all those moments which god took away from me

and once again, you can be all those things to me……..

You are now my angel; you are now my princess 

When will you tell those words of love in my ear

You have nothing to fear, you have nothing to lose

trust this love of mine which will always be true to you and will be only for you…….


Together we can smile, together we can cry

Together we can live our life; together we can see our death

Together we make the best pair in romance

Just seek for my love once and it will never cease for you…………

Give me your lovely hands; take me to your sweet heart

Let me look into your beautiful eyes, allow my lips to be on yours

stand still and I will lift you up, behold your waists forever

I can only hope and pray that all these will happen someday, then why can’t it be today……


It’s tough to pass a single minute without thinking of you 

it’s not easy to just pass by without looking at you

I fell for the chocolaty wetness your lips has, I get drown into the moistness your eyes has

As I get lost in admiring the sensuality your skin, your voice, your body and your touch possess………….

You are so present, so deep in my heart as I dream

That when will our souls merge and you will be mine

Circumstance and distance can be so overwhelming

They may close my wish to be yours but still my heart will not stop to be yours…….


Nothing was cherishing when you came

But now I smile just because you came

The only fear is that why will you go away one day

I will always pray before you not to go away……………


LOVE – a never ending saga of romance, care, affection…..

Romance is the language of love. It is a way to show our partner, our beloved that how much we care about them, love them from the heart. Be it a kiss on the lips, a warm hug, a gentle move of the hands over the lovers head, may be dressing up for the partner the way he/she wants you to be, be it buying roses or jewellery or planting a soft kiss on the hands, it’s all different ways to show one’s love for his/her partner. Every person has their own idea of what they might consider romantic.

There is no pre-defined way to know what is romantic without knowing the person. Romance is created by the feeling that genuinely develops in your heart for your partner, for someone whom you love. However, all ways of showing love is only through being romantic by one way or the other but romance has one thing in common; it must show the other person that you care enough to find out what is meaningful to them, what will bring prosperity & happiness to them.

With skies flooded with twinkling bright stars.
I desire the soothing softness of your kiss,

With candles flickering their last silent breath,
I desire the sparkle of your smiling eyes,
With your lovely face shining with radiance

I desire to feel your sensuous touch
With your moist chocolaty lips looking full of love’s desire,
I desire to feel every pulse of your heart………………….


With the gray sky sprinkling droplets of sad tears

I desire you as you are low

When everybody laughs at your every stumble,

I desire to gently sooth your sorrows.
I desire you my love every moment.
As time adds years like sands on the beach,
When you sense your beauty slipping to the wind,
I will want you so much more than now………………….

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I desire to have you when splinters of light appear

I desire you when passion for you swells the soul

No words could ever tell you,

No action could ever express before you

What I feel for you, how much I love you…………….

With you, my life is blessed,

As you are the brightness of my eyes

You are the strength that gets me through

You have become the pot of my breath

And now when despair has taken hold

You are the one in my life

You are the one who can make my life complete
There’s nothing I could say much,
I could only let you know just how much

There is love in my heart for you…………………..

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LOVE – another name of sacrifice and pain ………

You have blessed me with the grace of your love

You have given me enough of promises to live

You have shown me enough of reasons to breathe

I broke all strictures of the world for our love

I left the world behind for our love

And then you blessed my soul with your love

Come, hold me, hear me, see me

And you will find me crying, yet smiling to see you again

But still why don’t you listen to my grief,

I am just because of you, I am only for you………


I have lost my way , I have lost my name

I am just living my life on your name

I have some small dreams, and you are there in those dreams

In you, I see my life;

In you, I see my reason to survive

I can’t see the dreams in which you aren’t there

I can’t live a life in which you aren’t there….

If I get separated away from you, I will be separated away from my soul

If I lose you, I will be losing my own existence

And it’s all because I am just because of you, I am only for you……..